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An Overview Of Cosmetic Dentistry

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Very basically, cosmetic dentistry is the practice of making the teeth's appearance better. Most of the cosmetic procedures are quality of life and elective. However, some are not just aesthetic but also help with oral health. For example, people with halitosis may see that while having procedures for aesthetic reasons, the underlying bad breath problem is made better in the process.

Cosmetic dentistry involves fixing oral flaws due to crooked teeth, stained teeth, uneven teeth, or missing teeth (whole or partial). Crooked teeth has technology now for alignment, and a chipped tooth may undergo a procedure to fix another piece on to it to make it look new again.

If one is embarrassed with smiling due to stained, chipped, yellowed, uneven, or missing teeth then Scottsdale cosmetic dentist procedures by a dentist may assist. Teeth may be realigned, replaced, whitened, bleached, etc. These procedures include scottsdale dental implant treatments like crowns, implants, bridges, fillings, and veneers.

The benefits of being treated with cosmetic dentistry include the following:

1. Better oral hygiene

2. Reduces bad smell from an oral problem

3. Straight teeth

4. White teeth

5. Improved functioning jaw

6. Bumps up confidence

7. Assists with people appearing their best

8. Makes individuals look younger

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced considerably. Old ugly fillings can be replaced with new natural colored fillings. New techniques in cosmetic dentistry can match the translucency, shade, and texture of your teeth with the repairs producing excellent results.

As time goes on, teeth may decay, discolor, chip, or stain. Teeth whitening may counteract the discoloration and staining, allowing teeth to appear brighter, more attractive, and youthful.

Veneers involve a thin layer being bonded to your teeth which can cover up cracks, fill in gaps, and correct the appearance. Porcelain crowns or caps may cover broken, damaged, and heavily filled teeth creating a natural look by your Scottsdale dentists. Dental implants scottsdale may be a great long term solution to dentures. They can either replace them or be used to stabilize dentures. The new teeth that can be implanted may help prevent the deterioration of the facial structure and preserve the facial bone.

With the 21st century has come incredible improvements in cosmetic dentistry. These evolutions have helped considerably with mental health, physical health, confidence, self esteem, and producing bright, sparkling teeth. Your smile says worlds about you and presents an overt image to your friends, family, and colleagues. Make it count!

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