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The Climatic Condition Of The Place Too Is Important In The Choice Of Roofing Materials

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  • Bitumen
  • In the US, most home are constructed using asphalt shingles that are available in many colors and can last for nearly 30 years if properly maintained.  Shingles are inexpensive and easy to install although the main disadvantage is that they do have the propensity to build up moss and require periodic maintenance.  Newer homes are adopting cedar shakes rather than shingles that are eco-friendly, last long and give a lovely rustic appearance to a home.

    Metal roofs can be made out of copper, steel or aluminium sheets as well as shingles. Such roofs are more or less maintenance free. They can last upto fifty years and can endure all kinds of weather condition. Today metal roofs are even given an anti-reflective coating and so a room under it can be as comfortable as any other is. It is no doubt that such roofs will be a little costlier. Concrete and clay roofs too are long lasting and cool. Therefore, they are very suitable for warmer places such as Los Angeles and Florida. However, since the shingles are rather heavy, check the strength of the structure before you install them. The color choice is also limited.

    Slate comes next. In the US, a slate roof can be as expensive as rest of the house is and so such roofs are rarely found. However, they look beautiful, do not require any maintenance and last over 100 years. The living or green roofs too are quite exclusive. Because such roofs have plants grown on thin layers of soil, they need to be flat and have flawless water drainage system. On the pro side, because of the green layer, such roofs are eco-friendly and provide natural insulation to the building.

    We also have rubberized roof, which keeps the room under it well insulated and so you can save a lot on energy bills. However, these are just fair weather roofs and are not suitable for places with high rain or wind conditions. Another modern roofing material suitable for equitable weather condition is bitumen. Today you have them mixed with fiberglass or polyester materials to make them more effective. Bitumen roofs generally come in layers and have a covering of asphalt or hot tar on top. Such roofing material is quite inexpensive and so widely used.

    Always consult roofing contractors and expert before choosing roofing materials. It is important to make sure that the existing structure is strong enough to be able to withhold the weight of the shingles and other roofing materials. The climatic condition too should be suitable for it. In addition, such persons will able to advise you on proper maintenance of the roof. Did you know that build up of moss on the shingles could damage your roof beyond repair?

    As you know, moss usually grows in layer; this layer can trap water under it, which then can seep through the roofing material to cause permanent damage to the roof. Unless you remove the moss within a reasonable time, you may have to undertake a major roofing work very soon. If your area experiences regular rainfall, you must have your roof inspected more often; look for them in places, which is least exposed to sunlight.

    Look for them especially in places on the shaded area of the roof. Spread a handful of oxygen bleach on the affected area and scrub it with stiff brush. Always go downward while scrubbing; otherwise the shingles may come off loose. Also clear the roof of debris and if there is any overhanging branch, cut it off immediately. They not only provide shade and encourage growth of moss, but cause rainwater to drip even when the rain has stopped.

     Article by Joseph Wilkerson of LosAngelesRoofingExpert. For more information on roofing contractor Los Angeles, visit his site today.

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