Sunday, October 9, 2011

Missing Unclaimed Money

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Missing Unclaimed Money

If you believe or even think you may have missing unclaimed money chances are you are most likely correct. Statistics show that 1 in 8 americans have unclaimed money. The US government is holding $300 Billion worth of unclaimed money in the form of unclaimed checks, rebates, forgotten savings accounts, inheritances, safe deposit boxes, stocks, divideneds, real property, gold, silver, trust accounts, watches, cash, and myriads more other forms. What is staggering is that for the most part, the american public is not even aware that this money exists.

It is easy to have missing unclaimed money because of the ways this money becomes lost. Some of the most common ways money becomes lost is through name changes via marriage or divorce, checks or rebates being sent to the wrong address and being returned to sender, old relatives that have since become deceased and left money behind but told no one about it, or even things as silly as the envelope money was being sent in didnt have enough postage to be sent.

What happens in the cases when money cant be sent to its owners is that it gets returned back to the sender. If the sender has no way of locating the owner, by law the holder is obligated to hand over the assets to the government as a safekeeper. The government however, has no obligation to proactively seek owners of unclaimed money- all they do is act as the safeholder. However, if someone steps up to the plate and identifies themself as the owner and provides proof that such money belongs to them, the missing money will be released. The first step in this process is to search your name and the name of anyone else you may know to see if such money exists.

Missing unclaimed money is made publicly available for anyone to search free of charge. Click here to start your unclaimed money search.

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