Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top 2 Ways To Learn To Mig Weld - Even Monkeys Are Learning How To Weld

Posted by Bapak at 5:03 AM

Approach number 2 to learn how you can mig weld:


1. Attend a mig welding class at Technical College and use their machines, metal, gas, and other pricey items that you would scrimp on if you had to acquire it your self. Select the instructors brain for each welding tip you can get. Really apply your self and pay attention to every single word he or she says. (you heard right, there are some very good chick welding instructors out there)


2. Should you still want to ...purchase a machine. You will probably create a far better choice after weeks of welding and learning.


If you decide to go with approach number one, the very first thing you'll need is a great machine. What's a fantastic machine? I like Miller welding machines. Why? A number of factors: produced in USA, service and support are great, fantastic resale value, parts can be found, they are damn good machines.


There is frequently the best to every rule so listen up!


Lincoln makes a very good 115 volt mig machine. Despite the fact that I am a Miller guy, I have to be honest...I am probably going to purchase one soon myself. And when I actually do, I will search craigslist and ebay for any Lincoln 115v mig welder.

If you are going to be welding mostly body panels on cars, or gas tanks for choppers, buy a 115v machine. 115 volt mig welding machines run small diameter wire like .023" and run smoother at low amperage compared to bigger heavy duty machines such as the millermatic 175. So if you need a 115 volt mig welding machine I will provide you with permission to buy a Lincoln. Either way, buy used from eBay or Craigslist if you're able to. Here's why... first of all, 115 volt mig machines are a lot like bowflex fitness machines, nobody wears them out, and used ones are just like new ones. You can purchase a used Lincoln mig for 200 bucks, apply it Four years and sell it for 200 bucks. Sounds very good doesn't it? Same goes for the bigger 230v machines. Buy a used millermatic 210, 250, 251, or 252, for 600-800 bucks, use it for several years and if you need to market it you can easily break even as well as make a few bucks..in order to keep things simple, just obtain a millermatic 175 and stop hunting.

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