Wednesday, December 21, 2011

About The Above Ground Pool Deck Plans

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When putting an above ground pool into a yard for added summer fun, it is often a good idea to plan the above ground pool deck at the same time so that the comprehensive package can be completed and the pool enjoyed for the rest of the summer. Some companies that put in the pools will also offer some choices in above ground pool deck plans so that the people do not have to go elsewhere to get a builder to construct the deck. An expert from David Reid Homes who also delt in the balustrades and solar water heating system installation provided the following information.

Sometimes the people will have enough carpentry skills that they are able to choose and complete the above ground pool deck plans themselves. However, there are more choices to be made with these above ground pool deck plans than with a regular deck or a patio deck plan, so it is most often wiser to allow a builder to do the construction.

Some of the above ground pool deck plans will only give enough room around the pool for a couple of chairs and some of the pool toys. This is one of the choices that must be made with these plans. If the deck is solely for the purpose of playing in the pool, then there does not have to be much more room on the deck than is needed for those chairs and toys. If the people want to eat on the deck as well and do a cookout, then there needs to be a significant amount of room on the deck besides a walking and sitting area around the pool. The deck should be measured out on the ground around the pool and the furniture placed within it to see if there will be enough room or if the above ground pool deck plans need to be made larger.

Another feature that has to be chosen carefully is if a gate is needed to keep pets or small children out of the pool when there is not supervision. This gate is a safety feature that should not be overlooked when choosing the above ground pool deck plans. Also, since the pool is off the ground, it is important that the railing that is around the pool is safe for all those that will be using the pool. Small children should not be able to slip through the slats in the railing and fall to the ground below.  

The types of materials that are used in the above ground pool deck plans should also be chosen carefully, since there is a lot to take care of with the pool itself, and maintaining the deck should not take as much work. Wood decks require more maintenance than vinyl decks since they have to be treated each year with coating that will protect it from the water. Vinyl decks do not need this coating and are made to look like wood so that the beauty is still there.

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