Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Add Some Delicious Sauces On Your Badly Cooked Chicken To Save It

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When you’re cooking, you must not forget that the main key to making the food taste good is in the spices and the sauces. One thing that most cooks cooking at home find hard to make is a delicious sauce. If you made a mistake with your cooking, that can be covered up with a great sauce. If you cooked your chicken badly just cover it up with a great sauce. Bad sauce makes a bad meal no matter how great the meat was cooked. You will have great success in your dishes when you have a great sauce to highlight your success in your food. In cooking for your gravy or sauce it’s important that it has a thickener, flavor and a liquid base. For a great tasting sauce you can use granulated sugar in your list of ingredients. For foods that lack some flavor, adding granulated sugar on the sauce will be great in adding sweetness to the food. Don’t forget that granulated sugar in sauces is not good for people with diabetes or those who are conscious about their figure. Spiciness boosts the flavor so you may opt to add hot peppers or hot sauce for your food. It’s not safe to cover your sauce when you cook it in a microwave oven. These Aphrodisiac Foods that are added to the sauce gives it a unique flavor. Avocado sauce is a good example of the sauce with Aphrodisiac Foods derivative.

An aphrodisiac foods sauce perfect example would be the oyster sauce which is extremely tasty. You can easily cook a vegetable curry and serve it in less than 20 minutes. The vegetable curry is packed with all the nutrients your body requires daily. After 20 minutes of preparing and cooking, your vegetable curry is ready to be served. It’s really quick and easy to cook your very own delicious and healthy vegetable curry. Caster sugar and water mixture can be turned into caramel sauce by heating it in low to medium heat up to the time that all the sugar had melted. Instead of buying caramel sauce from the grocery it’s best to just make one at home. It’s really great to have some caramel sauce available whenever you need it. Tender fillets go well with some mushroom sauce but this sauce can actually be used on just about any food. Mushroom sauce is a sauce made from mushrooms and has a creamy texture. You can simply put some mushroom sauce on your pasta or on your cooked chicken. The taste of the stir fry sauce with shiitake mushrooms is so tasty and unique you’d really want it. The stir fry sauce can also be added with different types of mushrooms for the extra uniqueness. 2 tbsp of the black bean sauce for your stir fry sauce really makes a big difference.

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