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Headache Prevention - Head Pain Associated With Colds And Flus

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You all understand that feeling, congestion, runny nose, headache and a general feeling of having been stepped on by a tractor.

A headache can be quite a feature of a cold or flu. Whenever we are attacked by a virus one of many things that is going on in our bodies is really a strong inflammatory response. This is why we could be packed with aches and pains.

If you were to see a good example of your live blood under a microscope then it would be full off fine hair like structures called clustered spicules. They're created by your liver when it is stressed by the virus.

An identical response is seen if you eat a fatty diet. This is one explanation for liver driven headaches.

Inflammation causes swelling and pain, that's what we experience as a headache. This method could be occurring all through your body. That is why you can feel like you might be aching from check out toe.

Lots of the cold and flu over the counter remedies will provide an analgesic effect, to lessen the pain. You can find however a few things to do to help yourself.

This kind of headache will be followed by eye sensitivity. Therefore the obvious action to take is avoid eye strain. Too much reading, an excessive amount of Television or a lot of computer use will make your flu headache worse.

If you have to keep working and using a computer, you might consider wearing sunglasses. Even though you are inside! Hey you could look weird and you will receive some strange comments from co-workers, but it might be the difference between being able to work or not.

Sometimes the pain killers won't perform the job, well enough, so as opposed to suffering eye and constant headaches then put the sunglasses on and keep working. Better yet don't explain your actions, just keep people guessing.

It really is crucial that you keep well hydrated to avoid a worse headache. Plenty of water and warm drinks such as lemon and honey will save you from de-hydration.

Another part of a cold that may drive your headache is sinus congestion. Those small spaces which are designed to make your skull lighter can be inflamed. Again you will experience swelling and pain, as the tissue which lines the sinus cavity becomes swollen.

This may cause the classic sinus headache. 3 things are important for relief.

1. Anti inflammatory.

2. Hot steam inhalation with some essential oils including pine and aniseed.

3. Massage of the sore points alone your eyebrows, down each side of your nose and under your cheek bones.

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