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Prostate Cancer Surgery - What Is A Prostatectomy

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Treatment for prostate cancer comes in varied forms. For the early stages of the illness, one of the most most common forms is prostate surgery and is called the prostatectomy.

In this surgical procedure some of the prostate gland is removed. It's objective is to take away the cancerous cells which have been located within the prostate gland.

In this operation, the lower abdomen is cut open to allow the surgeon and his team access to the prostate. Then it is removed using ordinary standard techniques. When it is suspected that the disease may have spread further from the prostate, this type of surgery is implemented.

Sadly one of the major hazards with the prostatectomy, is that it could well lead to problems in sexual function. This is due to the fact that this removal of the prostate gland, there other tissues and nerves within the prostate can also get damaged. But new strategies in surgery have now been developed to try to minimize this damage.

Now little cuts are made in the lower abdomen which permits instruments which are long and thin to be inserted. This permits a video to be taken of the prostate gland to find out precisely it's condition with regard to the carcinoma.

One of the newest systems in this robotic surgery field is named the da Vinci Surgical system system. In this sort of new field of surgery, 2 surgeons are now required. The 1st surgeon operates on the patient in the normal way.

The 2nd surgeon is situated behind a console which is computer controlled and operates the robotic arms of the instruments which are extremely delicate. In this fashion, this kind of precision surgery can get rid of the chance of nerve damage usually.

Also by removing the cancerous parts of the prostate it can offers a total cure provided that the cancer is restricted to the gland.

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