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Sculpt Your Body Like A MMA Fighter Great

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When I was young, I used to be tormented at school for being the wimpy kid. Those so-called tough kids at school tended to view me as a wimp for being so small, which I obviously couldn't help at the time. I can write about this now because I've pushed through to the other side and I have much more self-confidence.

I made the decision that I had to take defense lessons, even just to ward off the potentially harmless bullies. So from the age of 17, I made a life choice to hit the gym regularly. However, I knew next to nothing about building muscles and not surprisingly, my results weren't very impressive and I began to lose patience.

While I've struggled with these issues for the better part of my adult life, I have recently made great strides forward. A friend of mine from the gym, a real bodybuilder type of guy, impressed me with his passion for Mixed Martial Arts. I've taken it to heart that he has the focus and determination to work on his body because he already has a passion for sport as his basis. Otherwise, you're just labouring with no real goal in mind.

Indeed, my own passion really is karate. I began learning karate at quite a young age because I felt it could help me defend myself against bigger 'enemies'. My friend at the gym told me that was a great place to start. He informed me that, while he comes to the gym to build up his muscle strength and endurance, his impressive toned body was more the result of doing 45 minutes or so of training every weekday at home.

The Power of High-Intensity Workouts

My gym friend told me about a program called GSP Rushfit by a well known MMA fighter champion, George St-Pierre. Deciding I needed to listen closely to my well-built friend, I looked into it and discovered it was a set of DVDs you can work out to from home.

George St Pierre is known throughout the world for his explosive training techniques. This means he focuses on short bursts of high intensity workouts, such as sprinting and other sharp movements.

The point is that this Mixed Martial Arts body conditioning provides almost immediate results, because of the intensity. You need to keep at it daily for about 8 weeks, but it's not too much of an ask considering each workout is about 5 minutes long for a total of 45 minutes each day. It's not too much to fit into a busy schedule, which most people have these days.

If you train with such high intensity with the George St Pierre workout over a period of 2 months like that, you can sculpt your body into the ultimate fighting machine as well. I wouldn't try to take on George St Pierre in a fight, but at least now I look like I can.

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