Friday, January 13, 2012

The Way To Lose Weight Using 'The Emphasis Factor'

Posted by Bapak at 4:46 AM
Would you like to know how to fastest way to lose weight and keep it off? The ultimate way to start is to think about where your own focus is situated! What would you concentrate on as you go about every day. Would you spend your time taking into consideration the things you want and desire or would you save money time contemplating what you don't want?

If you have any area you will ever have where there is a problem you almost certainly, like most people, spend quite some time talking about everything you don't want or what you dislike about the thing that is causing you pain.

If you're like most people you could say, "I don't wish to be fat, " or "I want to cease eating chocolate, inches or "I desire my wife/husband to stop being crucial. " Most people spend their lives talking about those things they definitely don't want and yet...

One of the most basic mental rules in every area of your life is, 'you always get more of everything you focus on. ' In each one of the examples previously mentioned, your brain has to focus on everything you don't want to make sense of that which you said - the fat body you don't want, the chocolate you wish to cease eating and the critical partner who upsets you.

As the subconscious part of the mind is each naive and primitive in it's understanding this believes that the fat, the actual chocolate and the criticism is what you would like. Talking about that which you don't want reinforces the actual image you have of yourself as a fat, out of control, chocoholic and seeing yourself in this way leaves you feeling reliant, hopeless and unmotivated.

In order to learn how to fastest way to lose weight you need to redirect the focus exclusively to what you would like which presumably will be slim and vibrant, in control, eating healthy foods and respected and loved by everyone.

Then you are sending an email to your subconscious mind to locate and explore every possible possibility to move towards your goal. By clarifying and vividly imagining what it really is you would like for yourself, you might be beginning the process of teaching your body-mind to provide it for you.

Studying and understanding the focus factor could literally change your daily life and your shape. The trick to understanding how to fastest way to lose weight is to spotlight a slim and vibrant you.

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