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Bosch GSB 18-2-Li--- An Ergonomic Combi Drill - It Is Extreme

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The powerful Bosch GSB 18-2-Li can be operated for medium to heavy drilling with an outstanding effectiveness and control. It can be used for drilling efficiently in concrete, steel, wood or other stone work applications. The benefits of simple and forceful drilling can be utilized by this multi-use tool.

Bosch GSB 18-2 RE combi drill is a product of Bosch which is not only a market leader but also has a reputed history of being an innovator in the area of power tools. Bosch products include a wide range of self serviced tools such as mobile tools, drills, saws, angle dicers and cutters and garden tools.

The technical aspects that make Bosch gsb 18-2-li drill successful are as follows:

- Its torque setting of 25 Nm can easily align any size of screw. 

- The balanced pattern of the tool verifies the rapid outcome of work performance in drilling.

- Bosch GSB 18-2-Li supply 75 Nm and 36Nm of torque for the applications of heavy drilling and soft screw driving respectively.

- It provides a drilling diameter of up to 45 mm in wood and 13 mm in steel, giving it excellent precision.

- It has a changeable two speed gear with the first gear offering maximum velocity of 500 rpm and the second gear offering highest velocity up to 2050 rpm.

The battery of Bosch GSB 18-2-Li provides free style usage with the voltage of 18v. The variable carbon brushes from which the current passes in motor prevents it from wearing out quickly. The accuracy of work can be gained by releasing the trigger switch of motor brake. The firm arrangement of drill and screw driver bits is made certain through a prevailing force of an automatic chuck lock. It also allows the settings to be changed, using a single hand.

The brilliant motor of Bosch GSB 18 V-Li ensures best possible battery life time and offers high yield for extensive usage. Bosch GSB 18-2-Li robustness increases because of the use of guard covering materials making it shock proof so it can be used in heights. The best performance and highest safety is provided by Bosch products more then any other recent tool. The newly designed handle of this tool is provided with:

- Smooth grip area

- Protected grip

- It can be employed in enclosed areas easily.

The accessories provided with Bosch GSB 18 are:

- Charger of battery

- Auxiliary grip

- Bit carrier

These were some of the advantages of this small dynamic tool. The operational belt clip provided with this tool makes it approachable all the time. Thus, the Bosch gsb 18-2-li is known as one of the robust power tool for heavy drilling.

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