Friday, April 27, 2012

The Importance Of A Workable House

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Finding a suitable inner-city house in a megapolitan city is a serious trouble for many people.  That was happened to Paula and Peter, who resides in London, England.  “We saw some stunning renovations, but they all tended to be new additions put on to the back of old house.  It was only the back part that we liked and we would hardly use the front rooms, so we decided to find a block of land and build,” explains Paula.

As a town planner, Peter knew that new building regulations allowed houses to be built in back gardens or on vacant blocks previously regarded as to small for dwellings  –so the search for building site was on. One Saturday the couple arrived 15 minutes into an auction of a parcel of land with a lane frontage.  They were successful with their bid but then doubts crept in.  The block they had bought was just 60 square meters of land previously occupied by a garage and barbecue area.

Paul recalls that they lamented what they had done.  He also admits that they hadn’t enough time to do their homework before the auction because everything happened so very quickly.   Drawing up their earliest plans, Paula and Peter found that the only way the house could work was to have the kitchen, dining and living area upstairs, leaving the two bedrooms and bathroom downstairs.  The bedroom, too, can be opened out to become part of the general ground floor of the house, and the upstairs and downstairs areas are linked by a simple space-saving spiral staircase.

Council regulation demanded there be one car space on the site, so that determined the size of the courtyard.  Other regulations protecting the neighbor’s privacy meant that the kitchen windows had to be opaque, and fine mesh fencing had to be used to screen the deck area.

What did they do?. Upstairs, they designed a vaulted ceiling which gives the living area a very spacious feeling and lets in a lot of natural light.  Downstairs, the movable panels mean that they can open up sleeping spaces, so the house never feel claustrophobic.

Since they know that colors and details put a great effect to everything, they really paid a serious attention to the house’s finishes.  While each of them love vibrant colors, for their house they use peach, yellow, se-green, mauve and white.

Their little house suits them just fine.  What is more important is they have succeeded to achieved an 80 per cent site coverage and a very workable house.

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