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Learn How Aries Influences Your Mind And Soul With A Lunar Moon Phase Calendar

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Associated with the improvement of leadership, enterprise, passion for exploration and pioneering, and success in sport, today’s lunar phase, Aries, is a fundamental fire sign ruled by Mars that helps us excel in our lives. Doing these activities during the current phase of the lunar moon calendar provides us with the energy to be courageous, adventurous and to have initiative for an exciting business, process or physical feat.

Dropping out-dated routines and successfully reinstating them with new goals, positive intentions and actions is most successful during each of the new lunar moon phases. Planning intentions at the current phase of the moon calendar starts a dialogue between yourself and your subconscious, sun and moon, spirit and soul. The wonderful thing about this is the success that happens when making a pathway between your physical body and mind with your spirit and the sun and the moon.

Take a moment and sit down, perhaps with a dark red candle burning and a crystal in your hand. Be receptive and ask yourself some relevant questions related to issues associated with Aries and the lunar moon calendar, such as “how can I benefit most?” or “what is the lunar calendar?” Give yourself the time and space to meditate or realign your thoughts. Be aware and write down ideas coming up that facilitate positive change.

Some examples of how you can flow with the lunar moon calendar include:

How can I...

• Now begin that project I’ve been putting off?

• Face the future with self-confidence?

• Make positive changes in my life with the phases of the lunar moon calendar and leave the negative restrictions from the past behind?

Whether they are good or bad, patterns are rooted by the first quarter moon (one of the lunar moon phases) and continue to develop through the build up phase. A healthy attitude towards overcoming barriers (restrictions from the past) will affect a great and constructive time of growth. Using today's lunar phase, reassess the project, discover necessary changes and include your experiences as required.

Aries rules the head

You use your eyes through each lunar phase, and sometimes they need special care. You can place fresh, cool slices of cucumber over your eye lids to sooth, nurture and thank your eyes for all that they do for you throughout the whole lunar moon calendar, year after year.

{A nice Aries Affirmation}:

 Within myself I have the strength and courage to stand on my own to discover the unknown.

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