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Removing Urine From Rugs

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You have spotted that your dog or pussy has urinated on your favorite rug, so the first thing you do is to go and get a bucket of water, a bit of bi-carb soda and try to clean and get rid of the urine stain. As you are scrubbing away at the stain the next thing you notice is that a nasty odour appears. Spray as much deodorant as you want, but I'm sorry, that smell isn't going to go away.

So you call an inexpensive carpet cleaner who claims, "yes we will clean your rug". The inexpensive carpet cleaner comes over to your home and they are on site cleaning your rug. Ugh, you spot that the blemishes are still there and the smell is only getting worse. What do you do now?

Initially you need to understand how urine operates. It leaves the body as a hot acid and as it dries, it modifies its chemical make up. When moisture has been applied physically (or it may be raining and there is moisture in the air) ammonia is released which is that nasty smell we all dread.

I'm sad to say there's only one cleaning strategy that guarantees one hundered percent removal of urine odour. Your rug should be submerged in a wash pit that contains enzymes that'll eat all the bacteria away.

You need to find a pro rug cleaning company that has a wash pit. The rugs will be submerged in the pit where they will stay for just about 24 hours. This isn't a tiny job as cost effective carpet cleaners would make you think as the method for cleaning urine stained rugs is kind of detailed.

  • First the rugs are badgered utilising the rug badger and then vacuumed
  • The urine stained rug is submerged in the wash pit for at least 24 hours
  • The rugs are then washed and the water is removed from the rug comprehensively
  • The rug is then dried
  • Ultimately the rug is re-cleaned using a effective cleaning process

If you have found that your badly behaved pet has urinated on your favourite rug please don't trouble trying to clean it yourself. If an inexpensive carpet cleaner announces they can clean it on site, please ask them how, because adding water can set off ammonia gas. You will be better of calling the experts at a professional company with a huge wash pit. They like cleaning urine stained rugs!

Garry Carroll is the owner of All Aces Services . We are a total rug cleaning and restoration service company based in Brisbane, Australia and servicing Brisbane, The Gold Coast and The Sun Coast. Our internet site contains lots of info that you could find helpful.

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