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The Importance of Network Monitoring Software

What is network monitoring software?

Network monitoring can be done through software or a combination of software and hardware depending on business needs. Through a mix of hardware & software, Overseer Network Monitor can track the status of: Networks, Web sites, Event Logs, Services, Disk Space, Temperature, Windows Processes, Windows servers, routers, & databases servers.

Why is network monitoring important?

Using network monitoring software can save time and money for your company through keeping you up to date on what is going on with the various systems you work with. Without network monitoring, you may not know about a problem until morning when your entire company waits for you to fix the problem so they can do their jobs. When there is a system in place to monitor key pre-determined network and system resources, you can be notified as soon as it happens and respond in real time without the entire company breathing down your neck. Monitoring devices & resource availability throughout the system is vital to a well-run business because it allows you to see at a glance what areas need to be addressed.

Real-time notifications via email or text message from the software can help answer questions you may have about your network:

o Are my websites up and delivering content and product to my customers?

o What Windows event logs do I need to be aware of?

o Is a Windows server or workstation running all the services they should be?

o Are my servers/computers about to run out of disk space and stop functioning (Disk Space monitoring)?

o Did the AC unit or computer fans stop working, or is there too much humidity at the data center (Environmental monitoring)?

o Are critical applications/processes running on vital servers and workstations? Are these processes using too much memory?

o What is the latency on my network or website? - high latency can be indicative of a more serious problem

Good network monitoring software(from will notify you of problems in real-time.

This has the obvious advantage of fixing problems in real time-- saving money and headache. One aspect of this is website monitoring that will alert you (via text or email) when your website goes down so you don't go hours or days without knowing that your website is down and losing business.

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