Friday, May 11, 2012

The Russians call the black box of Sukhoi stuck on cliff

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 investigative team arrived at the heliport site SMPN 1 Cijeruk, Bogor, West Java state's black box of Sukhoi allegedly caught on the cliff where the wreckage. His remarks came when he saw the team photo shots of one journalist who explained the location of the crash debris."Yes this black box, try to . Yeah that's right plane's black box," explainedTim Investigation of Russians who did not want to be named on Friday (11/5).Once the image is enlarged and reduced, he made sure the box in the back of the cliff isbelieved to be true as a black box of Sukhoi aircraft.While the photo journalist of, Wira said that jepretannya it may be a black box.There has been no official confirmation on the statement of the Russian. As an international standard, although called a black box (black box), but the color is alwaysorange box. Not yet known what the reason of the Russian team members pointed to abox as a black box of Sukhoi.Previous aircraft Sukhoi super jet 100 missing contact on Wednesday (9/5). Havingtraced by the Air Force's Puma aircraft which departed from the airbase Atang Sandjajadebris sightings indicate the aircraft at an altitude of 1800 above sea level.After doing a search by the SAR team, the plane allegedly crashed into a mountain cliffthat has a height of 2200 Salak.From these ruins, on the wing can still lodged in a cliff along with other debris. Tostrengthen the Sukhoi aircraft, aircraft Superjet 100 logo is also clearly visible.

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