Friday, May 11, 2012

Sukhoi body destroyed, only the left rear wing

Posted by Bapak at 5:21 PM

SAR team arrived at the crash site. However, the evacuation can not be done because of blocked 200 meter high cliff.

Monitoring who participated in the evacuation process, from the top of the cliff looking fuselage was shattered in the valley. However, there is one piece of the planewith the size being the obvious. Presumably because it cuts the tail plane is still clearly visible symbol of the predominantly white.Fuselage that looks scattered. Debris is expected to spread in the valley. However,because of steep ravines, not see any bodies of the victims.This morning, Tim Paskhas SAR with the Air Force has been trying to penetrate thefateful crash point to the heli. However, the team failed to reach the destination due tohigh wind pressure in the team had to spend six hours more to reach locations. The team set off on Thursday afternoon at around 13:00 pm and arrive at the top of the cliff at around 19:00pm.Impassable terrain is quite challenging. Luckily the weather was quite friendly though fog

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